Sarah Jayne’s Fashion That’s Good Enough To Eat!

Trick or treat? I don’t know about you, but I will choose treat every single time.

This Halloween I’m passing up on the chocolate and treating myself to something way sweeter than sugar, spice and all things nice. Yes, my sweet tooth may complain and my bank balance may take a beating, but at least I’ll be donning some pretty sweet threads. From fancy fondant-inspired clothes to some fresh and fruity accessories, you’ll find items to suit all palates on the high-street. No tricks here, only fashion that looks good enough to eat…


Sequin Skirt, £40, River Island 

Cherry Drop Earrings, £14.50 Topshop

Purse, £12.99 TK Maxx

Cherry tee, £14, Miss Selfridge Debenhams

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