Bing and Flop Visit the Bridges

October 21 2017

Our favourite cute characters are heading to the Bridges on Saturday 21st October to say hi to their biggest fans.

There’ll also be lots of fun activities for the little ones to get involved with, so it’ll be a jam packed day!

The activity will run from 10:30am until 4:00pm.

The meet and greets with Bing and Flop are ticketed and parents are asked to get their tickets from The Entertainer store and choose their preferred time slot.


Bing and Flop Meet and Greet Ts and Cs

All the meet and greet sessions are to be ticketed by The Entertainer store at the centre. Both characters will be appearing together. A valid ticket is required for each meet and greet session.

1 ticket to cover up to 1 adult & 2 children. If more children are with the family then another ticket would be required.

Each The Entertainer store will manage the issuing of the tickets.