What’s New at The Entertainer

The Entertainer Rocks!

The Entertainer are joining the Kindness Rocks craze, where people paint on pebbles and leave them in public places for other Kindness rocks enthusiast to find or keep!

They are releasing their own wave with each store hiding a pebble in the local area.

Find The Entertainer Rock and bring it back into your local The Entertainer store where they will swap it for a £20 gift card!


Have you heard about Pomsies, the cute and loveable Pom Pom Pets?

If not pop into your local store to meet one, wrap its tail around your wrist or even in your hair!

There are 7 to collect with Sherbert being an The Entertainer Exclusive!

Weekend Demo

This weekend’s demo toy is thought to have originated in China. The first historical mention however, was from Greece in the year 500 B.C. These ancient toys were made out of wood, metal, or painted terra cotta disks and called just that, a disc… but we now know them as Yo-Yo’s!  Head to your local The Entertainer this Saturday to “walk the dog”, “rock the baby” or  just master “the basic throw”


The Entertainer have some fantastic promotions running in store including:

  • The Hottest Toys – Pikmi Pops, Slime, LOL, Squishy Toys and loads more
  • Action and Adventure – Ben 10, Incredibles, Smashy Mashy and Ready 2 Robot
  • Lego Friends – with their new racing theme
  • Summer Toys