Autovalet Arrives at the Bridges

The Autovalet team have arrived and are now open in the Bridges multi-storey car park.

Founded in 1994, Autovalet are the Country’s original and leading car cleaning and valeting provider. They use a system which maintains the highest standard of cleaning whilst protecting the environment through the saving of water and the use of biodegradable products.

They will be offering a dual service of operating from a designated ‘Valet Centre’ for valeting and detailing work, coupled with a Roaming Service for added customer convenience.

The roaming service offers customers the opportunity to have their vehicles cleaned from a base price of £7, available in any area of the multi-storey or rooftop car parks. So even in the busiest trading periods, you can still have your car cleaned without having to compete for a space within the Valet Centre.

There is no need to book in advance. Simply arrive in the car park, book in your car, and it will be ready for your return – easy!