Five treats for chocolate lovers!

Five treats for chocolate lovers

Christmas and Valentine’s Day might be over but who says you need a special occasion to have a sweet treat? Here at the Bridges we’re embracing our sweet tooth and we’ve picked out five chocolate indulgences you’ll find hard to resist.

1. Thorntons, Dreamy Desserts

Why pick just one chocolate when you can have them all? Enjoy miniature chocolate versions of your favourite desserts like lemon meringue, banoffee pie and even raspberry cheesecake.
Price £10

2. Krispy Kreme, Chocolate Dreamcake

Treat yourself to a Chocolate Dreamcake donut but make sure you have a napkin handy for the gooey chocolate sauce filling. With chocolate icing and white chocolate decoration, it’ll certainly hit the spot.
Price £1.90

3. Holland & Barrett, Vego vegan hazelnut chocolate bar

Vegan treats are gaining popularity and this melt-in-your-mouth bar is so creamy that it will have you double checking the ingredients to make sure you picked up the dairy-free option.
Price £1.99

4. Greggs, Gluten free triple Belgian chocolate brownies

Share this pack of four with your friends or keep the gooey brownie goodness all for yourself. They’re gluten free and best of all – they’re a bargain.
Price £1

5. Thorntons, Sicilian mousse bag

If you need a quick pick me up, then look no further. Fluffy lemon mousse encased in creamy milk and white chocolate, what more could you want?
Price: £3