Keep Cool this Summer

This warm weather is a perfect excuse to treat yourself to a cold drink and there are a lot to choose from at the Bridges. To help keep the city clean, make sure you bin your rubbish, recycle your plastic bottles and cups or even better, use a reusable one if you can.

Starbucks, Cold Brew

If you still need your caffeine fix but can’t stand the heat, a cold brew might be the answer. You never know, you might even find you like it better this way.

Price £2.60

Krispy Kreme, Oreo Kreme Shake

Sweet, indulgent and packed full of biscuits, a milkshake is a great balance between a dessert and a drink to make you feel like you’re really giving yourself a special treat.

Price £3.45

Costa, Watermelon and Coconut Fruit Cooler

In the summer weather, nothing tastes better than something icy and refreshing. With a whole range of fruity combinations, the fruit coolers will not only cool you down but they are delicious too.

Price: £2.95

Greggs, Raspberry Lemonade

Great for those on the move, a bottle of raspberry lemonade provides a slight twist on the classic drink for summer, without compromising on any of the flavour.

Price £1.15