A Visit from Santa Paws!

When it comes to the time to stack all of your Christmas gifts under the tree, it’s important to make sure that the furry members of your family aren’t forgotten.

Our four-legged friends might not completely understand what all the fuss is about but with so many options at the Bridges, they’ll just be overjoyed to receive a new present.

Primark, Pet Outfit

If you’re planning on getting any festive snaps this year, then every member of the family has to look their best. Primark has plenty of designs to choose from but we especially like this Christmas tree-themed number.

Price £7

Tesco, Meowee Advent Calendar for Cats

Get them in the spirit early with their very own advent calendar. They’ll be even more excited for the arrival of Santa Claws if it means they get to indulge on a treat every day in the run-up.

Price £2.50

Debenhams, Cat Bowl

It might not be as fun as getting a new toy but Christmas is a great excuse to grab a few more practical presents like new food bowls. Stick a few treats in there before you give it to them and they’ll never know the difference.

Price £6

Menkind, Good Guide to Dog Friendly Pubs, Hotels and B&Bs

A gift not only for dogs but one for their owners too, this handy guide has an exhaustive list of all of the best places to take an adventure with man’s best friend.

Price £10.99

Next, Habitat Felt Pet Bed by Scruffs

Whether you’re a cat or a dog person, treat them to a cosy new bed this Christmas. Even better, this neutral grey will fit right in with your home and be a fashionable addition to whichever room you put it in.

Price £40

Primark, Pet Food Xmas Bauble

A stylish decoration for your tree with the added benefit of being packed full of tasty treats for your furry family members. Just make sure to hang it high enough so they can’t get into it too early.

Price £4

H&M, Padded Dog Jacket

Another jacket, but this time one which will last them long beyond Christmas. The padded design will keep them toasty warm on long walks over the winter months.

Price £24.99

Tesco, Mince Pies for Dogs

Mince pies are a Christmas staple but not usually for our four legged friends, however this year there’s no need for pups to miss out – with a special version of the festive favourite made just for them.

Price £2.50