With a bank holiday weekend ahead of us but a grey and dreary weather report, it looks like many parents will have to get creative to keep little ones entertained indoors.

But there’s no need to panic because our retailers at the Bridges are fully prepared and stocked high with plenty of fun activities and games to keep boredom at bay for the whole family.

Claire’s Accessories, Style 4 Ever™ Tie Dye Kit

Before you throw away any unloved clothes, why not breathe new life into them with some tie dying? This is a great option for older children and they’re sure to love the opportunity to customise their own outfits.

Price £6


Waterstones, Rumaysa: A Fairytale: Exclusive Edition

If you want to encourage little ones to read more, then this new story blending fairy tales and cultures is sure to get them excited. This stunning edition is exclusive to Waterstones and there’s a good chance it’ll become a firm favourite on their shelves.

Price £6.99


Next, Goliath Games Catchphrase

Catchphrase has fans of all ages so this is a perfect choice to get the whole family on board for. Guess the phrases to climb the pyramid and the winner gets bragging rights for the rest of the day.

Price £23


HMV, Dolittle

With outdoor activities off the cards, keep their spirits up by treating them to a new release. Dolittle is a classic story full of fun and hijinks to keep them glued to the screen for the duration.

Price £4.99


The Entertainer, Loopy Looper Fidget Toy – Jump

We’re not sure why fidget spinners are so popular with the younger generation but considering they keep them entertained for hours, we’re not complaining!

Price £6


Disney Store, Black Panther Gloves with Battle Sounds

If you’re busy this weekend and don’t have as much time as you would like, why not make it up to your children with a new toy? Marvel fans will love these Black Panther gloves which are great for re-enacting their favourite battle scenes.

Price £20


The Works, Chupa Chups D.I.Y Scented Bath Bomb Set

Bath bombs are a colourful treat, but they’ll enjoy them all the more if they’ve put in the work to create them from scratch. This kit includes everything they need to fill the bathroom with gorgeous scents and if you’re lucky then they might even share them.

Price 2 for £5


The Works, Erupting Volcano Weird Science Kit

Budding scientists will love the chance to learn all about volcanoes and even create some of their own eruptions too, for an explosive and educational afternoon of fun.

Price 2 for £5


Tesco, Slime Cupcake Kit

Baking is a great way to pass the time on a rainy day and if you’re not the most confident in the kitchen then a box mix is the way to go. Slime is hugely popular these days, so we guess it’s about time it made it onto cakes, but hopefully they’ll taste better than they look.

Price £2.30