Keeping on top of your health at home

The motivation to exercise can wane when the colder seasons kick in, with dark nights and wet weather making curling up on the sofa seem like a much more attractive option than going for a jog.

So here at the Bridges we are championing the home workout as a way to keep fit from the comfort of your own living room, with a list of the best fitness equipment and accessories our retailers have to offer.

 HMV, Joe Wicks – The Body Coach Workout

Workout DVDs have been around for decades and the reason they’re still so popular today is because they work. Stick it on a couple of times a week and you’ll notice the changes in no time.

Price £5.99


Menkind, Mini Exercise Bike

If you’re not yet ready to venture back to the gym, then why not bring the equipment to you? Just pair this compact mini exercise bike with a chair in your home, with an LDC screen to keep track of calories, time and distance.

Price £69


Foot Asylum, Nike Air Max 270 Trainer

Whatever the workout, supportive footwear is paramount. Choose something simple but stylish with a monochrome design or show off your personality with a bright, patterned pair.

Price £119.99


JD Sports, Reebok Tech Style Yoga Mat

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, yoga is a great option for increasing your flexibility, strength and balance and has also been known to reduce stress and help lower blood pressure.

Price £33


Next, Colin Montgomerie Golf Auto Putt Returner

Wet and windy are far from ideal conditions for avid golfers, but there’s no reason why you can’t practise your putt indoors. This handy gadget even returns the ball back to you, so by time you’re back on the green you’ll be putting like a pro.

Price £14


TK Maxx, Phoenix Fitness Hula Hoop 

If you have the storage space then a fitness hoop is an easy item to incorporate into your home workout routine. Rather than sitting on the sofa while you’re watching tv, why not get the hoop out and improve your core muscles as you watch?

Price £12.99


JD Sports, Reebok Lux Deconstructed 2 Leggings

One way to keep yourself motivated to keep fit is by making sure you look the part. Investing in some new sportswear will help you look forward to working out, even if you’re the only one who’ll see it.

Price £43