New homeware for the new year

With all the excitement of New Year over and the Christmas decorations packed up and back in the loft, it’s no surprise that your home may be feeling a little bare.

January is a time for new starts and it’s a great excuse to give your home a seasonal makeover to inject some new life into a tired space.

So whether you have your eye on one room in particular or you just want to make some little changes around the house, our retailers at the Bridges have a huge range of winter homeware pieces to choose from.


Clinton’s, Bamboo Rosewood & Vanilla Diffuser

Mark the changing seasons with a new scent for the home. If you have little ones or pets around then a diffuser is a great alternative to lighting a candle.

Price £12.99


Primark, Kimball Colour Wave Tuft Cushion

If you’re on a budget, then switching up the home furnishings is a purse-friendly way to make your furniture feel like new again. A couple of new cushions or a blanket draped over the sofa is simple yet effective and won’t break the bank.

Price £10


Pigment and Toil

Here at the Bridges, we’re lucky enough to have our very own art gallery in the centre. Pigment and Toil stocks a range of eclectic artwork, prints and sculptures and you might just find the perfect piece you’ve been looking for.

Various prices


Next, Grey Cecil Border Rug

Neutral colours don’t have to be boring and natural fibre rugs are a brilliant way to add some unique textures to your space. This one comes in a range of sizes, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your room.

Price £65-£200


New Look, 3 Pack Multicoloured Agate Planters

Here at the Bridges we don’t think you can ever have too many plants but if you’re lacking a green thumb then artificial might be the way to go. These adorable planters will look fantastic perched on a shelf, mantelpiece or even a windowsill.



Next, Dazzling Blue Floral Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set

January is a great time to throw out your tired old bedspreads and treat yourself to something new. Next has a wide range of designs to choose from with colours and patterns to suit every household.

Price £45-£75


Primark, Kimball Design Ceramic Dinner Plate

While you’re updating your home décor, make sure you don’t forget about the kitchen. White plates might be common but they don’t have to be the norm and this abstract design at Primark is sure to be a conversation starter with guests.

Price £6


Swarovski, Garden Tales Cotton

We all like to receive flowers, but sometimes a single stem is all you need. This gorgeous crystal ornament is certainly a statement piece and will look stunning a tall, thin vase.

Price £95


The Works, Create Your Own Photo Frame Bundle

Why not get creative this month? Framed photographs are a lovely way to keep your nearest and dearest close to you and a personalised frame is an excellent project to keep the little ones busy.

Price £10


H&M, Hand-painted stoneware vase

Monochrome pieces are incredibly versatile so it’s no wonder they’re so popular. Whether your taste is minimal and neutral or bright and bold, this simple yet stylish design is sure to look great in your home.

Price £19.99