The Ultimate Gym Essentials For Him & Her

You don’t have to be on board with the whole ‘New Year, New Me’ mantra to indulge in a little self improvement in 2019. I personally want to focus on health and happiness in the new year, both of which can come from a good workout routine. I find exercise to be so good for the mind, body and soul. This is why I’m sharing the ultimate gym essentials for him and her, so no matter your resolutions you can be prepared to smash your goals!

Choose The Right Work Wear

Your gym clothes play a huge part in your workout experience. You exercise to feel good about yourself, so why wear an ill-fitted bra, tops that constantly roll up, or leggings that aren’t squat proof? You need clothes that support and enhance your workout, while feeling comfortable and looking stylish.


Primark £8

Best Foot Forward

When it comes to exercising did you know that wearing the wrong footwear can cause great discomfort, or even worse, an injury? Depending on your workout it’s important to wear footwear suited to that exercise, so that they won’t fail you.


JD £105

Accessories Are Everything

Two staples every gym bag needs are headphones and a towel. I find music to be an essential when working out. For me, it sets the pace, vibe and overall atmosphere of my routine. It’s also important to take a towel. Whether it’s a flannel, gym towel, or small bathroom towel, remember it’s polite to wipe. You don’t need a gym membership to enhance your workout, but these accessories, including skipping ropes, bands and small weights, can make a huge difference.


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Here We Go, H20!

Keeping yourself hydrated is incredibly important and if you want to get your eight glasses of water in a day, the trick is owning a super cool water bottle.


River Island £15

Super Powders

For those who want to go that extra mile, or want to get more into nutrition this year, then there’s a variety of supplements and protein powders that will refuel your body giving it the vitamins and minerals it needs.


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I’d love to know what fitness goals you want to smash this year? Tweet me over on @sarah_adams24 – and watch out as the Bridges are hosting some exciting fitness competitions this month!