Bridges Sensory Bags

What’s in the bag?


Sensory Bags are now available to hire from our Customer Service Desk.

Visiting a shopping centre can be an overwhelming experience for visitors with additional needs.  We’ve created sensory bags to help bring a more relaxed shopping experience for those that need it.

 Each sensory bag contains:

  • Wearable Press Stress Relief Wristband
  • Colourful Beanbags
  • Kids Ear Defenders-Noise Cancelling Headphones
  • Colourful Monkey Stringy Balls
  • Pull & Pop Tube Sensory
  • Sensory Shapes with Water Beads
  • Transformable Fidget Spinner Toy
  • Visual Communication Cards

We always love to hear your feedback, so if you’ve got any ideas for anything else you’d like to see in the sensory bags, just let us know by contacting us via our customer services desk or on our social channels.

To hire a sensory bag please visit our Customer Services desk. We require a deposit of £10 which is refundable when the bag is returned in its original condition.  All items will be hygienically cleaned between uses.

Quiet Hour

If you’re looking for a relaxed shopping experience then why not try coming during our Quiet Hour? We provide a more relaxed environment where music is silenced, kids’ rides are turned off and our lights are dimmed. Our Quiet Hour runs every Sunday between 11am and 12pm.