Vitalgaufre, the specialist in Belgian waffles is now open!

Vitalgaufre has launched it’s new kiosk here at the Bridges!

Located on the mall opposite Boots, their specialist kiosk offers an authentic taste of Belgium.

Specialising in waffles since 1998, Vitalgaufre have made it their mission to introduce the world to the delightful Liège waffle, the epitome of Belgium’s culinary tradition.

The Liège waffle was created in the XVIIIth century in honour of the city’s prince-bishop. Glazed to perfection, delicately caramelised, smelling ever so sweetly of vanilla and deliciously moist and crispy with every single bite.

Prepared exclusively with natural ingredients and still made by hand to this day, Vitalgaufre’s recipe has never been altered, and for twenty years now they have been following it to the letter… Now that’s what you call tradition.

Load your waffles with a vast array of toppings, including; cream, honey, strawberries, Nutella, syrups and of course Belgian chocolate!

Facebook: @vitalgaufreuk

Instagram: @vitalgaufre_uk