Bridges Sensory Bags

What’s in the bag?


Sensory Bags are now available to hire from our Customer Service Desk.

Visiting a shopping centre can be an overwhelming experience for visitors with additional needs.  At Bridges we have created sensory bags to help create a more relaxed shopping experience. We are really keen to work alongside families to gain feedback and add appropriate items to the bag if necessary.

 Each sensory bag contains:

  • Wearable Press Stress Relief Wristband
  • Colourful Beanbags
  • Kids Ear Defenders-Noise Cancelling Headphones
  • Colourful Monkey Stringy Balls
  • Pull & Pop Tube Sensory
  • Sensory Shapes with Water Beads
  • Transformable Fidget Spinner Toy
  • Visual Communication Cards

The Bridges Shopping Centre also introduced a ‘Quiet Hour’ in 2020. This provides visitors with a more relaxed environment where our music is silenced, kiddie rides are turned off and lights are dimmed.  Quiet hours runs every Sunday between 11am and 12pm.

To hire a sensory bag please visit our Customer Services desk. We require a deposit of £10 which is refundable when the bag is returned in its original condition.  All items will be hygienically cleaned between uses.