How we’re keeping you safe during your visit

As a team, we want to provide a safe environment for all of our shoppers. To ensure your experience at the Bridges is safe and trouble-free, we would ask you to abide by these very important rules as outlined below – for both your wellbeing and for the staff at the centre.

Here’s what’s in place for your safety and ours:

Social distancing 

One way system to ensure social distancing measures are followed. Social distancing is essential and we will have a wide range of measures in place to keep your shopping experience secure. All shoppers must follow the marked route and keep 2 metres apart at all times.

Face coverings

From Friday 24 July 2020 face coverings must be worn in shops and we ask that you abide by the same rules when shopping or walking through the Bridges, unless you are medically exempt. If you are exempt due to medical reasons, you can collect an exemption sticker from our Customer Service Desk if you wish. 

Should you visit without an exemption to wear a face covering, we will refuse entry from Wednesday 30th September 2020 and can call the police if people refuse to comply, the police have the formal enforcement powers and can issue a £100 fine. 

Hand sanitisation stations 

When visiting the centre, we ask you to use our hand sanitisation stations located at all entrances to the shopping centre as much as possible. All washroom facilities will remain open, but people may have to queue, as a “one in, one out” system will be used to ensure social distancing is maintained, however, customers who present us with a ‘Just Can’t Wait’ card will be allowed to the front of the queue and access to the toilets as soon as is practicable.

One-way system

Our one-way system with arrows will direct you on how to negotiate the centre. You must always abide by social distancing measures.

Queuing system

Where necessary, we will have a queuing system outside of shops, marked with yellow footprints placed two metres apart.

Enhanced cleaning

We have also introduced extra cleaning and sanitisation which will be on-going throughout the day, which will see a dedicated team sanitising all areas throughout the day.

Opening hours

The centre will be trading at its regular opening hours, which can be found here. Some stores may differ so please check with individual retailers before visiting.

Car Parks

Our Multi-storey car park and Roof-top car park are open for use, but social distancing will need to be exercised, in the car parks themselves and in lifts and stairwells. Normal charges apply.


Our customer toilets will be open as usual during centre opening hours.

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General Information

Our management team and security staff have been fully trained and will be constantly on hand to ensure that social distancing rules are maintained.

If we feel that people are not abiding by our new safety rules, we will be shutting the entrances and introducing a “one in, one out” system.

You will see that each shop now has a queuing system outside, defined by a line of yellow footprints two metres apart. You will need to stand a footprint until it is your turn to enter the shop of your choice. If the queue is particularly big and in front of another outlet, you may be asked to move.


You will see information signs throughout the centre to help you understand the new systems in place.


Rules about behaviour to staff within the Bridges remain unchanged – any abuse towards Bridges employees, retail worker or other customers will not be tolerated.


All washroom facilities will remain open, but customers may have to queue as a “one in, one out” system will be used to ensure social distancing is maintained, however, customers who present a ‘Just Can’t Wait’ card will be allowed to the front of the queue and access to the toilets as soon as is practicable.

Hand driers will no longer be available but there will be paper towels and additional waste bins for their disposal.

Baby Changing and Feeding Facilities will remain open for shoppers to use whilst visiting. 


Lifts to the upper levels will be in use but are strictly reserved for the elderly and anyone with mobility issues. Again, we will ask everyone to ensure that they abide by social distancing regulations.


Seating in the malls will not be reinstated until the Government says it is safe to do so.

Children’s Rides

These will not be in use at present.

We want everyone to return to the Bridges and enjoy their shopping experience in a safe and sensible manner so we would ask you to abide by these rules.