5 best-selling Lush products to help you reduce the amount of plastic in your bathroom!

Would you like to change your lifestyle to help save the environment? Lush can help you along the way with their wide range of products, which are plastic packing-free! 🙂

  • Over 50% of Lush’s total product range is Naked (plastic packaging-free)
  • Over 16 million Lush Naked products were sold in the financial year of 2019
  • Since July 2005, Lush customers have bought 41.3 million shampoo bars, saving 124 million plastic bottles.

With that in mind, why not strip off excess packaging with these easy swaps to your daily routine…

  • Honey I Washed My Hair shampoo bar (£8.00 each)
  • Aromaco solid deodorant (£6.50 for 100g)
  • Scrubee body butter (£9.00 each)
  • Slap stick foundation (£17.00 for 30g)
  • Full of Grace Naked facial oil (£10.00 each)

Available in-store now!