Making the most of the outdoors

With the weather we have been having recently, there’s no excuse not to make the most of the sun and spend some time outside. If you want something a little more active than sunbathing, then why not head to the Bridges and pick up one of these fantastic summer games?

Debenhams, Giant Noughts and Crosses

It’s a classic game with a special twist. Everyone has played a scribbled game of noughts and crosses on a piece of paper, but why not take it one step further with a giant game outside?

Price £15

The Entertainer, Junior Golf Set

This colourful golf set is easy to transport so you can set up a game wherever you fancy. Keep it straight forward or set up some obstacles in the garden to turn it into a game of crazy golf.

Price £8

Tiger, Stacking Tower Game

A great one to take with you on a picnic or an afternoon out, it’s fun for all ages. Roll the dice to see which colour block has to be removed and then hope you can keep your hand steady.

Price £10

The Entertainer, Catch Ball

Sometimes the simple games are the most fun and catch ball is no different. At such a bargain price, you can even buy a few more sets to make an even bigger game that includes the whole family.

Price £5

TK Maxx, Croquet Garden Game

Keep the family entertained in the garden for hours with their very own croquet set. With colour coordinated clubs and balls, this game will inspire some healthy competition and is a perfect excuse to spend some time in the sun.

Price £19.99